DIY Table Makeover

Hello it’s Friday! Here is another DIY project we’ve done with my sister! You can check the recent one we did a few months back with a kitchen wall here This table has been sitting on the balcony that we use as a background for our food photos, so, we thought we must do a table makeover. We first thought of having it painted to white and do a polka dot but we didn’t like it as it turned out crowdy as we were doing it randomly. My sister repainted it to white again and we decided we will do stripes instead. There was a lot of work stripping off the old layers but we love how it turned out. I was hosting friends a few weeks ago and i used this table 

Here are the  things we used for this project DIY:


  • White paint
  • Gold spray
  • Paint Brush
  • Tape

Hope you like it!