How to Style a Men’s Shirt: 5 Ways


Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good week! Here is another experiment with a men’s shirt styled 5 ways. This is how i wore it today: In first look i am wearing it the classy way. In the second look i am wearing it with the collar twisted inside and knotted at the end just to make it more informal. In the third look i am wearing it back in front, you can tie on either side you like at front and have a nice back. Now this is really interesting! The fourth look is one of my favourites as the shirt is transformed into a nice beachy style dress with a bow in front. Isn’t that great!? All you have to do is button in front and tie the sleeves into a bow. The last one is my favorite too. In the fifth look i am wearing the same shirt as a skirt with a plain white t-shirt. It would look great with a nice crop top or any other top for sure! Now the tip is, you need a bigger shirt for this experiment as in the last two you need to tie in order to bring that cute bow in front. If you have been reading our blog for a while and you like experimenting go through this links Two looks with lace dressOrla Kiely Peplum Top two ways I really hope this was useful and you like it! Thank you!

Look 1.


Look 2.


Look 3.


Look 4.


Look 5.