New in 2018!

This is the new post in 2018!! You guys, it was long enough not posting here but, hoping to continue being an inspiration to you! Hope you like it! Love&Light to you all!!

Это новый пост в 2018 году! Достаточно долго не публиковали здесь, но, надеюсь будем продолжать вдохновлять вас! Надеюсь, вам нравится! Любви и света всем вам!

What We Are Wearing:

Pink Cardi: Mango

White Tee: Mango

Skirt: noname

Ankle Boots: Asos

Grey Beret: local market as well as scarf

Coat: Zaful

Wool Sweater: Mango

Skirt: noname

Ankle Boots: bought locally

Coat: bought locally

Beret: local market



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