How to Mod Style: Sweet 60’s

Did you know that before we began making the handmade jewelry we used to do hairdos? Yep, it all started with braiding. We used to do hairdos with braiding and types of updo’s. As I was wearing this knit, checked 60’s dress I thought of having a high updo that would best describe this look. The tricky part though, is not only on wearing the updo but also in accessorizing. I am wearing the knit necklace that I wore with chambray shirt

Now, the hint is that I am writing this post and I hope it really inspires you to experiment with your clothe and not let it hang in there bored.  I am wearing it with a detachable fur black collar that actually comes from my sister’s winter coat. What I did is that I attached organza ribbon to it and wore it this way. You must have all seen Chanel’s collection  where the models are wearing classic wear with sneakers and organza ribbon. Well, I used that method on the collar.

On the third look, I am wearing it with a knit collar as a belt. Originally, this collar was sewn on one of my tops, and that was remade for the reason of wearing it multiple times. As you can see I am wearing it two ways; one way as a collar and another as a belt. And if you noticed I am wearing the dress back in front again. All I did is that I folded the collar of the dress, zipped in front, and added the knit collar.  In the pre-last look I am wearing it with our handmade necklace. The last one I’m wearing it with coat and electric blue scarf with shoes and a bag. Totally reminds the street-style photo!  Six looks in just one day!  Do you see how one dress can look different with only accessorizing?