Once Upon a Time…God does Great things for us

God is great and He does great things for us. Those who follow Him know that answered prayers and miracles follow those who believe. And that’s no fairy tale.

We went on a day trip to Issykkul with a team from Silicon Valley and the alumni that participated in the training on Social Entrepreneurship last Friday. We’ve arrived in the evening when the sun was setting in and we were super rushed when Bailey asked to get dressed as he wanted to take this shots during a ‘golden hour’. I get very shy whenever there is another photographer as i’m so used for my sister taking photos of me. But, everything felt so natural, i was enjoying myself and having fun playing in the lake. It only took a few seconds and now looking at these photos i feel so grateful how it all came out. Great job Elliot Young!! First Summer photos in Issykkul, ‘the pearl of Kyrgyzstan’.

Summer. Just saying the word makes us smile – conjures up images of sunny days full of family, friends and fun. And because it’s a season that so many of us look forward to, it’s easy to miss the fact that not everyone is having the time of their lives.

While my Summer is going well, i don’t want to forget about others who are going through suffering, i’ve been there too and i closed myself from people as i lost my mom to cancer and i thought if i get attached to someone it will happen again. But God is able, i feel whole again He was there for me this whole time!! I feel so emotional, everything touches my heart lately, how great it is to be the daughter of the One who cares, who heals and puts all the broken pieces together. I have scars in my heart, but hey, scars are beautiful right!?

Wherever you are in this season, i hope you see the hand of the Creator. If you are going through the same suffering where i’ve been, i feel for you, i pray for your healing, may you know the true joy, peace and laughter in Him!!

Thank You, Lord, for being my hiding place, my safe place, and my shielded place. Thank You for being the defender and the protector.

Love&Light to you all!!

What I’m Wearing:

Stripe Dress: Asos

Hat, bags&slippers from our boutique: @creativesis_boutique


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